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Some safari ideas and itineraries

There are many ways to structure a safari. As we love camping and feel it is the best part of the service we offer, we urge guests to incorporate a camping element into their itinerary. These days a real African safari is a fairly expensive affair and so to off set this we have designed a specific fast moving luxury camping system which is far more affordable than some of our competitors. Naturally if one chooses to stay at high-end exclusive lodges and fly using private chartered aircraft then this will reflect in the overall price.

If one looks at the Kenya safari industry, it can be broken up into sections, for example,

"Super Luxurious Safaris" averages around $17 000 - $25 000 per person for 10 days. 

"Luxury Adventures" averages around $10 000 - $15 000 per person for 10 days. 

"Package Tours" averages around $5000 - $8000 per person for 10 days. 

Our product is in the "Luxury Adventures" category and is very good value for money when you consider the level of service, guiding, exclusivity and knowledge provided., camping Mara, tent

Some idea of the Statutory Safari Costs

Some idea of the Statutory Safari Costs

National park fees range from US $ 52 - US $ 80 per guest per day.

Private camping fees range from US $ 30 - US $ 40 per guest per night

Private campsite booking fees range from US $ 100 - US $ 450 per week.

Our camping staff wages average about 15% of the total safari cost. 

Staff park and camping fees range from US $ 5 - US $ 20 per staff member per day. 

Most parks and reserves require we use their security personnel when camping which costs about US $ 50 per day. 

Kenya VAT is at 16% and is added to some specific elements of a safari. 

We include The "Flying Doctors" rescue service in case of a medical emergency.

We carry a satellite phone in case of an emergency. 

Mobilisation of our staff team for a camping safari = US $ 1200. We usually will not mobilise our camp for less than a 3 night / 4 day safari.

Safari Safety and Security

Safety is paramount on any safari.

The vehicles we use are maintained to the best of our ability and all have the necessary Kenya Government licences and insurance. When driving on the paved roads we are restricted by law to the sensible speed of 80 kph (50mph). We carry recovery equipment in case we get stuck in mud / sand and a set of tools  in case of a mechanical failure. 

All the internal flights we take are serviced by reputed companies who's aircraft are maintained to the highest standards.


When camping we have a safari crew of at least 7 men to help with the camp duties and they have our security at heart. In addition most parks insist we use some of their security personnel. 

Our safari chef with 15 years of experience prepares all food to the highest standards. 

We use the African Flying Doctor Services for medical emergencies while on safari. Once a deposit has been paid for a safari insurance cover is purchased with the African Flying Doctor Service. This enables peace of mind for guests that should anything untoward happen the Flying Doctor Service can be summoned and the patient transferred to high quality medical care in Nairobi as soon as possible.

We carry a satellite phone as an extra measure in case mobile phone reception is lost and also a "first aid" kit if needed. 

All our tents are insect proof and the tents are sprayed for insects in the evening when guests are having dinner, reducing the chance of there being a stray "bug" in your tent. 

The safari "loo" (toilet) in each tent is hygienic and environmentally friendly. 

Rest assured that every effort is made to make your safari as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 



Here are a few itinerary ideas but if you would like to tailor an itinerary then please contact us

There is nothing quite like a 

Kenya Safari

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